Zóna Magazine
Branding, Editorial Design, Web Design
Location: Florence and Prague 
Co-founded magazine Zóna, the annual publication coming from Eastern Europe. Print magazine talking about Slavic fashion, art, people and urbanism. Aimed for the Eastern European generation for self-(re)discovery, directed to Western industry professionals for starting a dialogue. 

The project was selected for Peru Design Biennial in the editorial design category and was exhibited in Lima (Peru) in January 2023. Zóna was also shortlisted in the Global Design Graduate show 2022 in collaboration with Gucci in the Fashion Communication section. 
The identity is influenced by brutalism (the main international perception of Eastern Europe), and Slavic romanticism, which is more traditional and less known worldwide. Both directions are placed in contrast to show the complexity of Eastern European aesthetics. 
Art Direction: Barbora Hudeckova, Magdalena Rosulkova
Branding, Editorial Design : Barbora Hudeckova 
Photography: Magdalena Rosulkova, Barbora Hudeckova 
Words: Magdalena Rosulkova

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