Juun.J Rebranding
Branding, Web Design
Rebranding of the South Korean fashion brand Juun. J. The goal was to reposition Juun. J towards the European market and Gen Z. The storytelling with the claim “Dare To Discover” aims to reach those not afraid of new. They are trendsetters and digital nomads who love the craft. Inspired by the archetype of the urban explorer. The campaign included photographs, a visual identity, a new social media strategy, and a website with an integrated e-shop.
Graphic Design: Barbora Hudeckova
Photography: Magdalena Rosulkova and Katelijne Kotze
Creative Team: Beatriz Mariotti, Barbora Hudeckova, Magdalena Rosulkova,
Katelijne Kotze and Olivia O’Murphy
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