Dum u mesta Milana
Branding, Web Design 
Freelance Project
Dum u mesta Milana (DUMM) is a hotel located in the Czech Republic. The building is currently still under reconstruction. The concept is to invite visitors to 7 different locations around the world, which are embodied through themed apartments. I designed the entire visual identity, from the logo across the editorial design to the web. 
(DUMM) in 1939. This photograph was the main inspiration for the typeface. I intended to keep some elements of the romantic serif typeface. Plus, add a bit of a modern twist reflecting the function that the building has today.

The central element of the hotel is an art piece (by Veorika Fous) capturing cities around the World. For each room (and city), I took parts of the illustration and placed them in a circle as part of the identity.
(Room San Jose)
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